Website Participation

*Only Available for Singapore Art Society members. To sign up as a member, Click Here

[su_note color=”#FFCC00″]To those who participate in our website this year 2012, you will get free participation for this year, 2012, but will still be required to send the participation fees for next year, 2013,  in cheque or cash to our  headquarters (50 SGD) at, 10 Kampong Eunos, Singapore 417775[/su_note]

[su_heading]Website Participation Form[/su_heading]

[contact-form-7 id=”195″ title=”Website Participation Form”]


[su_note color=”#FFCC00″]After submitting the form above, print our reply email and send to our address along with the website participation fees for the 1st year (50 SGD) at, 10 Kampong Eunos, Singapore 417775[/su_note]

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