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Born in Singapore. Graduated from Nanyang Technological University.
A senior lecturer in Nanyang Polytechnic before retired. Great interests in
Watercolour and Chinese calligraphy. Actively participated in many exhibitions
both local and overseas.
Art society activities and exhibitions:
• Hon Treasurer of Federation of Art Societies Singapore (2020~)
• Vice-president of Singapore Teachers’ Art Society (2018~)
• Life Member of Art Society Singapore
• Member of Singapore International Art & Culture Federation
• 2016 National day Awards – The Long Service Medal 国庆日长期服务勋章
• 2022 Federation of Art Society Singapore Western Art Exhibition
• 2021 “The Heros of Our Time" Art Exhibition by National Healthcare Group
• 2020 Seoul International Art Festival (Calligraphy)
• 2019 “38Th Dr Tan Tsze Chor Art Award"– awarded with Outstanding Work (Calligraphy)
• 2019 Singapore-Chengdu Art Exhibition - 荣耀狮城-感知成都
• 2019 Singapore Bicentennial and National Day Art Exhibition
• 2019 “BRILLIANT ART RHAPSODY" by Singapore International Art Forum &
Art Exchange Exhibition
• 28 T he Singapore Arts Federation 50th Anniversary Exhibition
• 2017 Singapore - Guangzhou Art exhibition organised by Singapore Teachers' Artist Society
• Singapore Teachers' A Society Annual Art Exhibition