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Nancy Loh 罗瑞萍

I'm inspired by the beauty around us in the passage of light, the colours of shapes,and in stuff deemed mundane. I feel particularly drawn to transient places, marks of history, secret gardens, and moments in time.

I first learned to paint at Lasalle College of the Arts, have since taken other courses and workshops in Singapore, where I live, and elsewhere, and continue to practise with skilled artists. I used to be hooked on clarity, accuracy and the specifics, as a journalist working on world and courts news, and building & design features. Now, editorial work is a satisfying diversion that also sustains my painting pursuit, freeing me to paint what I want, the way I want.

The principles of making a good painting are very important to me, as are those strokes of intuition and spontaneity. I try to first understand the nuances of what | see before exploring ideas, abstractions and solutions.