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Ito Masaki is a promising fine arts artist and active member of the Singapore Art Society and The Society of Chinese Artists. Born in 1941, he has great passion in drawing and arts. In 1965, he studied design at the Nippon Design School in Tokyo.
Ito Masaki has more than 40 years of art and design experience including a short animation he created for the "Owarai On Stage" a variety show hosted on Japan's NHK broadcast channel in 1979.
In 2007, he studied oil painting at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and has since had his artworks showcased in local art exhibitions — 'Walking Together: Kaleidoscope' 2010, ' *- Together' 2014 and 'Reminiscence & Future Gazing' 2015 alongside a group of likeminded individuals who share a common love of art. In 2019, he participated in drawing the 'Singapore Bicentennial edition 2019' for the celebration of 200 years history of Singapore. One of his artworks is a striking portraiture titled "Peace For Future" which was inspired by meeting with global golf phenomenon, Tiger Woods.
His two solo art exhibitions were held in Singapore in 2016 and 2018.