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Date: 1/7/2012

Dear Members, Hello!

We’re pleased to inform you that The Singapore Art Society will from now on be liaising and communicating with you via new methods, and are looking forward to your support.

The following are the upcoming events. We look forward to your participation.

1. The Society’s website and members’ personal columns:
The website will inform you of the upcoming events and activities. Appropriate entry forms will be downloaded from there. The address is


You can include your biographical data together with up to five pieces of your artwork in your membership personal column, which can be linked to your own website if you have one. Visit for more details.

Showing your works and portfolio on our website is $50 for the 1st year. As a special promotion for 2012 you pay $50 only for the service for period starting now, ending at the end of next year 2013, while $20 will be charged yearly from the 2nd year on wards. Should you be interested to participate, please email your biographical data together with five images of your work to:, or contact any of the Society council members. We encourage all members to participate.

2. Facebook:
This is another form of communication and interaction among members and council members. Through this facility, you could also be informed of the Society’s upcoming activities.

3. In order to provide more exhibiting opportunities not only to members, but also to young artists (members and non-members), the upcoming Annual Art Exhibition will include a “Youth Art Exhibition” section.

Youth Art Submission date/Time: 10/8/2012, 10:00am-2:00pm

Member Submission date/Time: 11/8/2012, 10:00am-2:00pm

Venue: MICA
Exhibition: 12-16/8/2012
Participation Fee: $30
Non-members Fee: $50
Forum: 12/08/2012 4:00 PM

4. Dr. Tan Tsze Chor Exhibition:

Submission Date/Time: 23/9/2012
Submission Venue: Singapore Art Society
Participation Fee: $30
Exhibition Date: 26-30/10/2012
Opening: 27/10/2012 3:00 PM
Forum: 27/10/2012 4:00 PM

Honorary Secretary,
The Singapore Art Society
Lai Sen Fong


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参展表格可以上网获得, 以下本会今年的会务活动与资讯:

1) 本会网页与会员个人专栏:
本会今后的活动,画展参加表格将可以在本会网址下载。本会网址是 .
另外本会网页将増设会员个人专栏,可为您建立及刊登个人简历, 5张作
品照, 并与您个人网页连线,您只须付$50作为首次费用,就可从今年起
作品每年只 须付$20。
品照 电邮给 或与我们联系。

2) Facebook : 另一种新形式和本会联系,获知本会新活动.

3) 为了提供更多展出机会给会员及年轻人, 本会特设”常年美展暨青年美展 交画日期、地点:10/ 8/ 2012 MICA 时间: 10:00 – 2:00
会员展出 交画日期 地点:11/ 8/ 2012 MICA 时间: 10:00 – 2:00
展出: 12 – 16 /8/ 2012
会员 参展费: $30
公众 参展费: $50
讲座: 12/08/2012下午4:00

4) 陈之初博士展:
交画日期:23/ 9/ 2012
展出26/ 10/2012至30/ 10/2012
讲座:27/10/2012 下午4:00

赖善芳 启


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