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In October 1949, The Singapore Art Scene registered a historical change with the founding of ” The Singapore Art Society” the main objectives was to foster the practice and appreciation of art and to raise the quality of art in Singapore, to promote the exchange of art between Singapore and other countries and to create learning and exhibition opportunities for artists. Membership was open to any art lover, regardless of race or creed. The founding members were nine respectable leaders from different institutions, namely:

Mr Richard Walker, A.R.C.A. (Art Superindent)

Mr Charles Sulisbury, (British Council)

Mr Francis Thomas, (Chairman, Inter School Art Exhibition Committee)

Mr Liu Kang, (President, Society of Chinese Artists)

Dr C.A.Gibson-Hill (Raffles Museum)

Professor Roy Morell (University of Malaya)

Mrs Phillis Mackenzie

Mr Suri bin Mohyani

Mr Tok Khoon Seng

To further enhance the objectives, representatives from various ethnic based Art Groups and Educational Institutions were invited to sit in the Council so that they could play an active role to promote the new Singapore ART vision to their members. The first full council consisted of representatives from:

  1. The British Council
  2. Society of Chinese Artists
  3. Malay Art Society
  4. Indian Art Society
  5. Y.M.C.A. Art Club
  6. Singapore Camera Club
  7. Singapore institute of Architects
  8. Singapore University
  9. Teacher’s Training College
  10.  Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts
  11. China Society
  12.  Friends of Singapore
  13. The Art Superintendent, Singapore (As ex-offico member)

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[su_heading]Our Presidents[/su_heading]

Over the last 55 years, eight Presidents held this portfolio. They were outstanding leaders who had worked with strong conviction, clear vision and integrity to uphold the image of the society. They had played significant part to promote Art and to lead members to conquer new barriers. Under their leadership the Singapore Art Society had grown to be the largest art promotion organization with more than 511 members. Those who had served in this position are as follows:

[su_heading]Current President[/su_heading]


Mr. Terence Teo Chin Keong
2011 onwards

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