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Susanna Wong Ngoi Yin 黄凯贤【十三妹】

Born in Hong Kong, Susanna【十三妹】settled in Singapore after graduated with an MBA from the University of Leicester in the U.K. in 1997. She loves art. In 2007, she studied oil painting at NAFA Singapore. She loves travelling. Interesting places and local culture give her lots of inspiration in creative works. She could translate simplistic items into art on canvases with deep meaningful impressions. Her work is vibrant, rich in colours and texture with sense of depth and simplicity relating to nature and interesting things around us.
Over years, she participated in many local and overseas art exhibitions and art•related activities. She was part of a team in drawing the "Singapore Bicentennial Edition 2019". She was one of the selected women artists representing Singapore in the 11st & 12nd International Women Artists' Exhibition in Malaysia (2019) and Myanmar (2020). In 2020, she won a Merit Award in the Malaysia International Online Juried Art Competition (Flora category). In 2021, she participated in "The Art of Sharing Over The Rainbow" charitable exhibition in Singapore and was an invited Singapore artist in the ASEAN Art Exhibition in Thailand and "Liberte Creative" exhibition by Le Carre Culturel in France.