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“For me, life is a process of discovering, pursuing, creating and sharing beauty...... Art creation is the best way to interpret this process!”

Ms RU XUE, born in 1975,Jiangsu, China, has shown her talent in arts since school days. She immigrated to Singapore in 2000 and
has been pursuing financial management work till now. In her 40s, she resumed her painting hobby. After completing Western Art and
Abstract Art part-time courses in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts from 2014 to 2015, she joined the Singapore Art Society in 2016 as a life member. She has participated in a number of local art exhibitions since then and received very positive feedback on her creation.

Her artworks, mainly landscape and flowers, are inspired by her love of life and nature.

“在我看来,生活即是一个发现美、追寻美、创造美和分享美的过程……而艺术创作恰是诠释这一过程的最好方式!” 如雪女士,1975年出生于中国江苏,学生时代即展露艺术天赋。2000年移民新加坡并从事财务管理工作至今。40岁时,她重拾绘画爱好。在2014-2015年间完成了南洋艺术学院西洋画和抽象画的业余课程后,于2016年成为新加坡艺术协会永久会员。此后参加了许多当地艺术展览,反馈尤佳。其作品以风景和花卉为主,创作灵感皆来自于对生活和大自然的热爱。