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書法藝術工作者,新加坡公民,生於1948年,祖籍福建金門。1973年畢类於前南洋大學會計系,為專業會計師。醋愛書法、詩詞與作曲。 2012年出版創作歌曲光碟”銀夜”。2018年首次於新加坡舉辦個人書法創作展“動”。同年於新加坡出版”GOH YAU KEE CALLIGRAPHY ART 吳耀基書法” 集。九歲從楷書入門,1967年師承書法家崔大地先生,研習隸書、魏碑、篆書以至行草,近年多以草書創作,力求達到王維詩 “大漠孤煙直,長河落日圓” 的意境。

Artist of Chinese calligraphy, Goh, a Singapore citizen. Born in 1948. By origin is Jinmen, Fujian Province.

He graduated with an Accountancy degree in 1973 from the ex-
Nanyang University, Singapore and is currently practising as a Public Accountant in Singapore. Goh ardently loves Chinese calligraphy, poetry and composing songs. His songs were published in a music CD album entitled "Silvery Night" in 2012.

In 2018, he hosted his first solo Chinese calligraphy exhibition with
the theme "Movement" in Singapore and published a book entitled
"GOH YAU KEE CALLIGRAPHY ART 吴耀基书法 From the tender age of 9, he became acquainted with Chinese calligraphy art Regular Script, until 1967, the maestro Tue Ta Tee had initiated him into varied arts of Official Script, Tablet Inscription, Seal Characters, Running Hand down to entrancing Cursive Script. In recent years, his works mainly focus on Cursive Script, striving to accomplish the artistic conception of Wang Weis poem - The vast desert the sole smoke thin, long river setting a round sun". Presentiy, vice chairman of Shicheng Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Society (singapore), life member of singapore Art society. lte member of anting Art Society, adjudicator for regular calligraphy contests and exhibitor of Singapore, China. Jovan. south Korea